The cost of raising a child increases
According to research from LV,* the cost of raising a child has reached an all-time high of over £230,000, which is now more expensive than the UK's average house price.
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18.4 million without life insurance. Are you one of them?
According to YouGov, there were 18.4 million people in the UK in 2014 without life insurance, making up a surprisingly high 46% of the UK adult population!
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Do you share a joint mortgage? If so, take note!
More and more couples are jumping on the property ladder together in order to achieve their desired home. But a worrying proportion still fail to review life insurance when they take this significant step.
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Looking for more tax-efficient life cover?
While Directors and employees within large companies can take advantage of group life schemes and death in service, individuals like Contractors will most likely be paying for personal life insurance out of taxed income. This no longer needs to be the case! By switching to a Relevant Life Policy, Contractors could save over 50% on
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The cost of your bucket list
We all know that life insurance can be a rather morbid topic. Whilst it is vital to secure the financial future of your loved ones, it is also important to remember that whilst we are working, fulfilling our dreams and aspirations should also be high on our list of proprieties.
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Life insurance isn’t as expensive as you might think!
The perception of how much life insurance costs is nearly 400% above the actual cost, according to a survey from Critical Research.
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One in four breadwinners don’t have life cover – are you one of them?
According to the Association of British Insurers, nearly 8.5 million people in the UK lack life cover. The average insurer will pay out £31,000 per person, meaning that there is currently a £268 billion gap for the families who don’t have a policy in place.
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Encouraging parents-to-be to secure life insurance
As part of a major drive to encourage people to plan their finances, parents-to-be could be encouraged to take out life insurance.
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Why Relevant Life Insurance makes sense for Contractors
When you’re working as a Contractor and running your own company it makes sense to pay for as many legitimate businesses expenses as you can through it. Most people pay for life insurance out of their own pocket, unless they work for a company that offers group life schemes or death in service benefit.
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