One in four breadwinners don't have life insurance.
Nearly 8.5 million people in the UK lack life cover. The average insurer will pay out £31,000 per person, meaning that there is currently a £268 billion gap for the families who don’t have a policy in place. Life insurance policies are most appropriate for people reaching a key life stage – such as getting married, buying a home or starting a family. Unless you have a substantial amount of savings or assets which can be used to pay off a mortgage or replace an income for as long as your family are dependent, taking out life insurance should be
Big push encouraging parent-to-be to secure life insurance
As part of a major drive to encourage people to plan their finances, parents-to-be could be encouraged to take out life insurance. In the future, government agencies, companies and employers may be required by law to give workers a ‘nudge’ towards securing vital life cover at key stages in their lives. This could include starting a family or approaching retirement. Under the proposed changes, those expecting a family could be asked by health workers to think how they would support their family if they lost their job or became ill. Alternatively, leaflets highlighting the importance of life cover might be included
Why Relevant Life Insurance makes sense for Contractors
When you’re working as a Contractor and running your own company it makes sense to pay for as many legitimate businesses expenses as you can through it. Most people pay for life insurance out of their own pocket, unless they work for a company that offers group life schemes or death in service benefit. The good news is that now your company can offer you life insurance too. When you are running your own Ltd company as a Contractor, you can use a product called Relevant Life Insurance to pay for your life insurance on business expenses. Here are the
A Guide on 'How to Tackle IR35'
While our attention here at Relevant Life Expert is mostly focused on tax-savvy life insurance for Contractors we also want to help Contractors in the wider challenges they face. In our daily conversations with our contracting clients we’ve learned that, beyond protecting themselves, IR35 is one of the biggest challenges they see as needing to be overcome. As a result, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you an overview on how to best tackle IR35. Hopefully, by the time you’ve read to the end, IR35 will no longer be the headache it currently is.   What even is IR35?

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