The perception of how much life insurance costs is nearly 400% above the actual cost, according to a survey from Critical Research.

From a poll of 1,011 people, 48% cited affordability as the main reason for not obtaining life insurance. On average, those surveyed thought £100,000 of life cover would cost £50.98 per month, and 47% said they had no idea how much life insurance really costs!

This research highlights that people are not protecting themselves with life cover because they’re not aware of the actual costs involved. As a result, it is vital that this misconception is addressed in order to inform people that there is such a thing as cost-effective life insurance. This is where we step in.

We made it our mission to deliver more accessible and affordable life insurance for both individuals and directors of small companies. With Relevant Life Expert, life insurance really isn’t as expensive as you might think! We’ve found, on average, you will save nearly 50% with a Relevant Life policy compared to similar non-tax efficient cover.

Dispel the myth of hugely expensive life insurance and speak to one of our expert advisors to find out how much you could save.