We all know that life insurance can be a rather morbid topic. Whilst it is vital to secure the financial future of your loved ones, it is also important to remember that whilst we are working, fulfilling our dreams and aspirations should also be high on our list of proprieties.

That's why so many of us create our ‘bucket list’, which includes the ultimate activities we want to achieve and experience in our lifetime before we, shall we say, ‘kick the bucket’.

Research from the over 50s insurance and travel specialist, Staysure, recently revealed some of the top 50 things over 50s want to experience in their lifetime. The top 3 included travelling to an exotic destination, flying first class and seeing the Northern Lights. Further down the list included dreams of travelling in a hot air balloon, going to a casino in Las Vegas, as well as skydiving. But have you ever wondered how much it would cost to complete your bucket list? Staysure have calculated just that!

To complete the top 10 bucket list activities, it would cost an individual in the region of £16,285. However, survey respondents had another view and believed that it would cost just £8,191 to achieve their bucket list dreams.

Do you have a bucket list? If so, how much do you think it would cost to achieve?

For inspiration, why not take a look at the top 10 bucket list activities below:

1.      Travel to an exotic destination

2.      Fly first class

3.      See the Northern Lights

4.      Visit 5 continents

5.      Dine in a world class restaurant

6.      Go on a cruise

7.      Spend time living abroad

8.      Learn about your family tree

9.      Fall in love

10.     Learn a new language

When it comes to creating your own bucket list, it is important to remember that a Relevant Life Policy can help! If anything happened to you, it could leave your family in a tricky financial situation. Your life cover will pay out if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness. This could help pay for a once in a lifetime trip or a dream first-class experience.