We know that a Contractor’s life is a busy one so with Christmas on the horizon and contracts winding down, you can finally kick back and spend some quality time with your loved ones. To get you in the mood, we’ve put together some fun activities you can do with your family this Christmas.


1. Make some delicious Christmas cookies

Who can say no to a Christmas cookie, kitchen mess or not! We’ve found a simple recipe that will give you freshly baked cookies in under 20 minutes. Get the kids involved by having them measure out the ingredients, stir the bowl and decorate! You might be tempted to eat them all but don’t forget to leave one for Father Christmas.


2. Watch Christmas movies

Spending the cold winter evening watching Christmas movies is a must. There’s nothing better than getting the family together to watch Buddy the Elf scoff down spaghetti loaded with sugar! Even better, let each family member choose a favourite holiday film. Your wintry evenings will be sorted in no times.


3. Go see the Coca-Cola Christmas truck

Once the Coca-Cola Christmas advert airs on tv, the countdown to Christmas begins. Each year, the red Coca-Cola truck travels around the UK visiting towns and cities and handing out drinks. Make a day of it and take your children to see the iconic truck. Have a look here, to see if the truck is coming to a place near you.


4. Make homemade Christmas ornaments

You may already have your tree up and decorated but make the tree extra special this year by adding on homemade Christmas baubles. You can reuse old baubles by painting over them or make retro paper tree ornaments by following these easy steps.   


5. Have a hot Chocolate party

There’s no wintry blues a cup of loaded hot chocolate can’t fix. A great Christmas eve idea is to set up a hot chocolate buffet so the kids can personalise their drinks. You can lay out the toppings so they can pick and choose which ones they would like. Some ideas include whipped cream, marshmallows, crushed candy canes and chocolate chips.



Here at Relevant Life Expert, we know much much your family means to you. It’s the same for us! Of course, it’s memories like those listed here that can last a lifetime, which is why we make it our priority to help Contractors understand the ways they can protect their families if anything were to happen. Many Contractors we speak to already have Life Insurance in place, but if you have a limited company you could be making additional savings by paying for your Life Insurance through your business as a tax-deductible expensive. This is called Relevant Life Insurance.

To see how you could have money while protecting your family, speak to one of our advisers.