Writing your Life Insurance into a trust
As a Contractor, you could benefit from writing your Life Insurance into a trust. But what is a trust and how do they work? How do trusts work? A trust allows you to gift assets to your loved ones. In the case of Life Insurance, it means your partner, children, or anyone nominated in your trust, will receive the policy payout in the event of your passing. But how is this different to normal Life Insurance? Firstly, you may not have to pay inheritance tax. In some examples, the payout from standard Life Insurance could form part of your estate
5 fun things to do with your Family this Christmas
We know that a Contractor’s life is a busy one so with Christmas on the horizon and contracts winding down, you can finally kick back and spend some quality time with your loved ones. To get you in the mood, we’ve put together some fun activities you can do with your family this Christmas.   1. Make some delicious Christmas cookies Who can say no to a Christmas cookie, kitchen mess or not! We’ve found a simple recipe that will give you freshly baked cookies in under 20 minutes. Get the kids involved by having them measure out the ingredients,
Facts about relevant life insurance
We talk to Contractors every day, so we know that your biggest priority in life is protecting your loved ones. But when you work for yourself, you can lose out on the benefits, such as sick pay and death in service, that ‘traditional’ employees provide. As a Contractor, if you own a limited company, and already have life insurance in place, you should consider switching to Relevant Life Insurance as it’s tax efficiency could save you money. We have found the top 5 facts about Relevant Life Insurance that all Contractors should know. 5 facts about Relevant Life Insurance  
Difference between relevant life insurance and normal life insurance
If you have ever wondered the difference between Relevant Life Insurance and normal life insurance - you wouldn’t be the first! We aren’t delusional though, ‘life insurance’ is not the most exciting topic to spend time researching and understanding. So we’re going to keep it brief… Life Insurance Life insurance does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a product that insures your life. Essentially, in the worst case scenario where you are in a critical accident or become ill and die, your loved ones or chosen beneficiaries would receive a pay out. The benefit of Life Insurance: It
Review your life insurance when your circumstances change
With the children heading back to school, we recommend taking the opportunity to firstly, rest (!) and, secondly, to review your life insurance. Life insurance can feel like a one time purchase, but the reality is that it’s wise to regularly review the policies you took out. We recommend every couple years with our clients because, inevitably, your life circumstances will have changed within these periods and, with that, the amount of cover that you now need. As an example, when you first took out life insurance and critical illness cover, you may have just started contracting, been newly married
Cost of raising a child
According to research from LV,* the cost of raising a child has reached an all-time high of over £230,000, which is now more expensive than the UK's average house price. According to the 13th annual 'Cost of a Child' report by LV found that the cost of raising a child takes up more than a third (38%) of the average UK household's net income, with childcare and education costs playing a significant part. Education can cost parents around £75,000 over 21 years, without accounting for the cost of private school fees. With the cost of having children increasing, it is not a surprise
Do you have Life Insurance?
The “Life and Health Protection” report found that 19% of consumers have given up and cancelled their life insurance policy. It is estimated that only 18.4 million people are now covered by life insurance compared to 20.9 million.  Life insurance, by definition, is designed to provide financial support for the loved ones who are left behind if the worst should happen to you. It can be a vital safety net for a family. Despite its obvious importance, the statistics above highlight that a large majority of the adult population fail to take out a policy. So, why is this and why should you
Looking for more tax-efficient life cover?
While Directors and employees within large companies can take advantage of group life schemes and death in service, individuals like Contractors will most likely be paying for personal life insurance out of taxed income. This no longer needs to be the case! By switching to a Relevant Life Cover policy, Contractors could save over 50% on their personal life cover. How? Well, put simply, a Relevant Life Cover policy is an effective way of getting personal cover paid by a company, as a business expense, rather than through taxed income via a more traditional policy. This tax-efficient method retains the
What is the cost of your bucket list?
We all know that life insurance can be a rather morbid topic. Whilst it is vital to secure the financial future of your loved ones, it is also important to remember that whilst we are working, fulfilling our dreams and aspirations should also be high on our list of proprieties. That's why so many of us create our ‘bucket list’, which includes the ultimate activities we want to achieve and experience in our lifetime before we, shall we say, ‘kick the bucket’. Research from the over 50s insurance and travel specialist, Staysure, recently revealed some of the top 50 things

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