Become a Relevant Life Expert partner & enjoy a number of benefits.

Life insurance for the tax savvy contractor.

Life insurance for the tax savvy contractor.

Life insurance for the tax savvy contractor.

Life insurance for the tax savvy contractor.

What is a Relevant Life Expert Partner?

What is Relevant Life Insurance?

We love to create strategic partnerships and do so across a number of industries. Current partners include accountants, financial advisers, well-connected business professionals, LinkedIn group owners, industry forums, recruiters and more. Why do we partner with people like this? To provide the Relevant Life Expert service to their clients and audiences, adding value to what they already do.

Becoming a partner is simple. All you need is a desire to help your clients, contacts and connections stay informed of the tax-saving opportunities available to them. We’ll do the rest.

A Relevant Life Insurance policy is a tax-efficient way of providing yourself (or your employees) with personal life cover - paid for by the business, as a company expense.

Why should I become a Relevant Life Expert Partner?

6 Ways Relevant Life Insurance can save you tax:

Rather than tell you why we think you should become a Relevant Life Expert partner, we thought we’d give you the reasons our current partners gave to us when we asked them what made them come onboard.

1. Income generation

Unsurprisingly, the opportunity to diversify income streams and increase the amount they earn was the most compelling factor in their decision to become a partner.

2. Share the savings

Many partners who run businesses, and have clients of their own, saw it as a great opportunity to help their own clients, colleagues and connections take advantage of the savings and tax-efficiencies associated with Relevant Life policies.

3. Accurately inform

Perhaps surprisingly, a significant number of partners said that a major appeal of becoming a partner was the ability it gave them to enhance their existing relationship with their clients by educating them about opportunities not widely known about.

4. It was so easy

Without exception, every partner told us that this was a massive influence on them. We’ve worked hard to ensure that becoming a partner and realising the financial benefits it affords are easy and hassle-free. We’ve found this approach leads to a mutually successful and long term relationship.

To find out more about the success our partners enjoy through working with us:

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